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Bananana na na... Banana clit!
Penetration, is it central?

Clit O'Connell

        With Banana clit, we question the centrality of penetration in straight sexuality.


       Traditionally, the loss of virginity is associated with penetration. This is the case in many cultures where the hymen (a membrane of the vagina) must remain intact to attest to the virginity of women.

       In many places and particularly in our country, it is believed that penetration must be prepared by what is commonly called "preliminary". Thus, caresses, oral sex, games of reconciliation, intellectual debates (cf. sapiosexuals), in short, everything that contributes to the landscape of sexual arousal would serve only one purpose: penetration.

No. Banish this term! Because all the practices which aim to excite or excite the other must be considered as a sexual act.

       Statistics show that people with vulvas have a harder time reaching orgasm from penetration alone . It would also seem that the sextoys they enjoy the most are not dildos. Yet penetration is often seen as the ultimate goal of straight sex, and it remains ubiquitous in mainstream porn (whether vaginal or anal). This has important consequences for people of both sexes.

        On the side of people with a vulva, there is a shame in not taking pleasure or not in enjoying this way (the famous question: "am I normal.e?"), and much more for people with vaginismus, a disorder that prevents vaginal penetration.

In people with a penis, the centrality of penetration puts enormous pressure on them: they need a big penis, erections on command, unlimited stamina, etc.

        Let's decondition ourselves from this medieval idea inherited from patriarchy and from the dusty books of Freud and his acolytes. The idea is not to ban this practice if we like it, but to show a little more creativity to make it an option among others. We can never say it enough: diversity is the basis!

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