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Hello Klitty: or how to enrich your vocabulary to talk about clitoral pleasure?

Hello Klitty

     Say hello to your clit! Do you need vocabulary to find him a nickname and talk about his little pleasures? So here's some inspiration with Colette Renard and her song of yesteryear " La nuit d'une demoiselle " (1963):


How good it is to be a lady[au]
Because in the evening in my little bed
When the star Venus sparkles
When night falls slowly

I get my candy sucked
I get my roach petted
I get my shirt starched
I get the candy pecked

I get my peninsula rubbed
I get the jewel buffed
I get my hallway filled
I get my apricot banged

I have my mottelette stuffed

I make myself cover the rigondon
I inflate my skunk
I get pecked

I get the crawfish rolled
I make myself home with a broken heart
I'm having my coat cut
I'm planting the hairy mountain

I get my nutcracker bricked
I make myself love the trinket
I get my lollipop cut off
I make myself shine the berlingot

I'm getting the cuteness
I'm having my ember refreshed
I'm making my cherry fat
I get fed the hedgehog

I ride the thing
I get my jewel tickled
I'm having my rattle tinkered with
I'm spoiling the tomcat

And you might ask me
What I do during the day
Oh! it's in a few letters
The day, I simply fuck

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